Want To Become an Uber Driver in Singapore? Here’s What You Need!

Minimum Requirements

First and foremost, you need to be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident, at least 25 years old who holding a valid Class 3/ 3A license for 1 continuous year.

All Uber drivers need to register a limo car company with ACRA. This is easily done online and doesn’t take more than 30 minutes. It’ll cost you about $65 though.

If you have at least two years professional driving experience, you can register to be an UberExec driver – that is, Uber’s private limousine service.

Unlike taxi driver, there’s no need to apply for a vocational license, or attend any training. Oh, but you do need to have your own vehicle. If not, all you need is to rent a car to eliminate the hassled procedure.


Vehicle Requirement

Basically, most car does complied with the standard of Uber. Essentially, Uber cars need to have four doors, have a capacity of 1.4L or larger, less than 10 years old and be in good working condition.

For UberExec, limited model did comply the standard such as BMW 5 or 7 series, Toyota Minivans, Audi A6/A7/A8. All must be black in colour.

Uber car must be a commercially registered (Z10) vehicle. You need to convert the vehicle type by transferring the ownership of your car from yourself to your company, if you’re using your own vehicle. You can transfer it through Land Transport Authority (LTA).

If you already own a luxury sedan such as BMW, Audi and Mercedes, you probably wouldn’t converting your own car to commercial just to providing professional driving services for others. Most of the Uber drive lease their car from Car Rental Companies. It is not a necessary to do so, if you manage to proceed with the troublesome steps.


Insurance Requirement

If you’re using your own car, you should negotiate with your insurance company to remain your No-Claim Discount when convert the private car insurance to commercial one.

Alternatively, when you rent a car, you should check that your rented car already has comprehensive or third party commercial insurance.


Preparation Cost

If you’re using your own vehicle as mentioned above, the registration fee for sole proprietorship is about $65. Furthermore, the comprehensive commercial car insurance might cost you $2000 – $2,500 depending on the insurance company and your haggling skills. Other than that you still have to transfer the ownership to your limo car company and cost $15.

On the other hand, if you decide to rent a sedan car, they may charge you $1600/ month or $500 /week. Obviously, you’ll save your time and insurance cost.


Petrol Cost

Petrol cost may vary depending on how you plan to drive and the car model. Basically, your petrol costs could around $30 to $70 per day. Apply a petrol credit card will definitely reduce your cost.

All these that I have mentioned are from the driver’s point of view. Driving with Uber smartly, I think you can earn what you deserve at the end of the day.