Be SMART on rental car

Not familiar with the local area? A GPS navigation system might be important. Are you traveling with small children? If so, you may need a child seats to keep them secure. Want to split the driving? These add-ons may add extra charges to your rental. In some cases, these charges may even end up with a huge cost.

Here are a few strategies to avoid or minimize the cost of rental options:

GPS Navigation Systems

The convenience and efficiency of GPS-based navigation systems make them a compelling add-on when traveling in unfamiliar areas. Be honestly, you should reject it unless you doesn’t own a smart phone like an iPhone or Android. Otherwise, GPS Navigation System will properly cost you $10 – $20 per day.

A smartphone can definitely replace the paid GPS by running an apps like Google Maps, Waze and Apple Maps that provides you turn-by-turn directions and voice guidance features.

This is a great way to eliminate the cost completely from the rental company.

Child Seats

All the major rental companies offer child seats for rent at their locations. It’s a great source of income for them, because they can buy a $300 child seat and the rent it at $10-$20 per day.

The best strategy is to bring your child seat with you. You’re not only save on the rental cost, but you’ll avoid potentially getting a dirty or worn seat that has seen better days.

Be Smart

The key to getting a good deal when options are involved is to think about your rental strategically. Don’t feel shy when asking the fees and additional charges on the options given. Always compare the total cost including the add-ons charges across rental companies. Calculate the total cost with options when comparing rates across companies. Don’t just compare based on rental cost only, if not you’ll be penny wise and pound foolish.

Extra Driver

Planning on splitting the driving? Please don’t trick on the extra driver, however there might be an extra charge on it. Because the insurance is not cover at all, if an accident happen when the unauthorized driver is driving. Some rental companies charged $13 – $15 per day for an extra driver, you can also shop around for rental companies that don’t charge extra for a second driver, as not all companies do.

Always Negotiate

You can also sometimes negotiate at the counter for a discounted rate or to waive the add-ons fee. You may tweaking the collection times and see if it affects your rates. Sometimes, you pick-up the car the day before the peak season can truly lowering your rental cost. Most rental agents work on commission, so they’re often willing to sweeten the deal if you’ll take a long term lease. If you don’t ask, you’ll not get.